Community Council

This council is focused on bringing a diverse look with community members of different backgrounds. Each member has been involved in various ways with Curve and its community.

Julien T.

I’m Julien from Fabric Ventures - a European fund focused on backing entrepreneurs building the Open Web of tomorrow. I have been passionate about the potential of this movement for nearly 4 years now, and I am particularly interested in token economics due to the potential for well designed incentives.

I think Curve is already an essential component of DeFi that has been innovating incredibly fast, especially around governance, staking and rewarding early community members with their token distribution. They are now launching ecosystem grants which I think will help the protocol grow even faster, and I am enthusiastic to be able to contribute in making this initiative a success.

You can find me on Twitter of course:

Amadeo Brands

I, Amadeo Brands, would like to volunteer for a role in the Curve CRV council. Will input technical and economical knowledge into the counsel and will assist with general tasks. I can also help with code reviews and as a fundamental analyst and partner at DeFi Capital will be on top of market developments and can act in emergency situations. As the Curve Protocol matures a brother decentralization is needed adding more members to the Curve CRV council would strengthen decentralization and will harden the protocol. See here some links to follow some of my activities besides the Curve CRV Council role I’m also involved in the Maker MKR ecosystem as an ambassador where I would like to play a bridging role between the MKR and CRV communities.


I am Sebastian and I do not work in the crypto industry. However, I am the chief requirement engineer for battery electric vehicles at a big OEM, a university lecturer for engineering and design and I am a fascinated user and early pioneer in using DeFi, dApps and decentralized systems. I hope to give with my background a different view on how to grow Curve and its adjutant DeFi ecosystem, so that my children will be able to interact naturally with DeFi apps without knowing that ever something else existed.

You can find me on twitter at

Quentin M.

I am Quentin, I am a commodity trader for the past 5 years at EDF Trading, Cargill, Orsted and Glencore, which I am now about to quit to be more involved into the fascinating space that is DeFi which I discovered 2 years ago.


I’m Alex, - I’ve been a keen follower of this space for a couple of years and now work full time as a content manager and creator for a few different publications in the industry.

I’m passionate about helping to support builders and contributors, especially those who are new or that have not been able to get help elsewhere. The Curve ecosystem grant program fits perfectly with this interest, and I’m happy to be of help wherever I can.

I’m always interested in talking to new people, you can find me on Twitter:


I have been in the distributed systems industry building enterprise scale databases and data redundancy protocols for twenty years. Traditionally a systems level engineer working on everything from device controllers to RAFT implementations, I have recently taken the side-ways step to working on distributed ledger technology. You will likely find me contributing to the components that make up the infrastructure of this space in the future rather than Dapps directly, but I'm excited to be able to contribute to this project in such a meaningful way. I am mostly drawn in by the utility that the DeFi space has found with creative projects like the Curve protocol and its interesting economic system. I hope to bring and contribute all of my experience and knowledge to this council such that it accelerates both adoption of the Curve protocol and improves community awareness.




I'm C2tP. My educational background is in Computer Science and professionally I've been a programmer in the gaming industry for over 10 years.
I have been a part of the Curve community since the first days of the y pool launch. I'm looking forward to contributing what I can to better the Curve platform. I believe it will continue to be a top DeFi platform in the years to come.


I am fascinated with one particular challenge in the smart contract stack: the oracle problem. Hence my name, which refers to connecting the isolated universe of the blockchain with the wealth of real world data that DeFi requires to function properly. DeFi has only become possible as of late because we have recently gained access to assets and applications that are externally aware. Even though Curve might not seem to confront this problem directly, I believe middleware plays a central role in Curve’s expansion that will unlock an enormous amount of value. My attention is entirely on improving Curve’s ability to generate real value that is meaningful to people. I see that Curve is built on solid fundamentals and is poised for success, and I intend to participate in making good on that vision.

I’m active on the Curve TG channel and discord, as well as on Twitter. If you’ve seen my proposals on the governance forum, you know I have a lot of opinions. But what excites me most is to see everyone’s interesting ideas bounce around and coalesce around the best ways to improve our platform. So if you’ve got some kooky idea, I want to hear it, support it, and help give it a fair shot. Please do reach out!

Andre Cronje