Ahead of the Curve#002

Ahead of the Curve#002

In governance...

CIP#40, the vote to enable fee distribution has completed and the changes have been executed two days ago.  The fees accrued to date have also just topped $3M. USDN interests initial distribution will also take place in the coming days.

Three new proposals were submitted, the first one for a Euro pool composed of sEUR (Synthetix Euro) and EURs (Euro Stasis) successfully passed which means the Euro will be the second currency to make it to Curve and will eventually help Curve begin its venture into foreign exchange.

The second proposal is to introduce our first AAVE pool and expand our offering of yield-bearing stable coins. The third and last proposal of the week is for an ankrETH/ETH pool, ankrETH is a product developed by the Ankr team called Stkr.io which allows anyone to stake ETH with no technical knowledge and as little as 0.5 ETH. This pool would allow ankrETH stakers to trade back into ETH whenever they wish and would be the first staked ETH option to make it to Curve.

In the ecosystem

A Chinese user named Ethan took a deep-dive into Curve

淺談穩定幣互換機制:從 Balancer 到 Curve
由上圖可見,穩定幣其實不太穩定。特別是在 312 慘案時,為避免 MakerDAO 中的抵押物 ETH 被清算而導致 DAI 的需求量突然大增使幣價大漲,當時在一些交易所甚至出現超過 10% 的溢價。 舉例來說,若有人賣出大量 USDC ,使池內 USDC 數量增加 30%(A 點移至 B 點),則價格會從 1 DAI/USDC 掉至 0.56…

Cryptouf is now doing an unofficial Curve newsletter in French

Quoi de 9 chez Curve ? #3 — Cryptouf
Encore une semaine chargée pour le protocole Curve.Fi

Zapper introduced a tool to jump from one pool to another in just one transaction

UniswapROI introduced more tools to track your liquidity and returns on Curve

Uniswap ROI | Find the best liquidity pools & track your returns

AlphaHomora introduced leveraged yield farming for ETH/CRV on SushiSwap (be sure to look into the risk implications and its risks)

Alpha Homora adds leveraged yield farming for ETH/CRV and ETH/YAM pools on SushiSwap
As Alpha Homora continues to expand the support of more leveraged yield farmingpools, we would like to now welcome Curve.finance and YAM.finance communities toAlpha Homora by supporting leveraged yield farming of ETH/CRV and ETH/YAM poolson SushiSwap. With these two new addition, Alpha Homora w…

In the news...

CoinDesk writing about the upcoming $3M distribution

Curve Finance Votes to Disperse $3M in Fees to Governance Token Holders - CoinDesk
The Curve community vote was an exercise in decentralized governance for a protocol not unfamiliar with meeting community demands.

Binance Academy introduces Curve and how it works

What Is Curve Finance in DeFi? | Binance Academy
Curve Finance is an automated market maker (AMM) protocol running on Ethereum. Curve.fi is a crypto exchange designed for efficient stablecoin trading.