Ahead of the Curve#005

Ahead of the Curve#005

In governance...

Since our last newsletter, the stETH pool has been added to the protocol. This pool will be incentivised by CRV from Thursday and will also receive LDO, the governance token for Lido which will also distribute Ethereum2.0 staking rewards to the pool.

The team is currently working on finalising cross-asset swaps, a new type of swap using Curve and Synthetix as a bridge. Those swaps will let traders trade between different Curve assets as long as they share a pool with a Synth (like sUSD, sEUR, sBTC and sETH). It will open routes that are currently difficult to trade like Euro trades for example. It is currently under audit.

And finally, Curve is celebrating its first birthday today as we're closing in $2b in TVL.

In the ecosystem

Alpha Finance announced a new partnership with Curve and others aiming at developing new leveraged strategies

You can read more about Alpha v2 below:

Alpha Homora V2 Is Coming To Town
Alpha Finance Lab is starting a new year with Alpha Homora V2 that will belaunched this month in January! The new logo, new user interface, morefunctionalities, and most importantly more partners that Alpha Homora V2integrates with mark a significant milestone for Alpha Homora product and AlphaF…

In the news

Decrypt discusses the implications of the new stETH pool.

‘Teleport’ to Ethereum 2.0 With This New Staked ETH Pool - Decrypt
A new Curve Finance pool should make it easier to support Ethereum 2.0 and still use DeFi built on Eth1.

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