Ahead of the Curve#006

Ahead of the Curve#006

In governance...

The main event of the week was no doubt the launch of cross-asset swaps on Curve. Those new swaps allow anyone to trade across different Curve pools via Synthetix.

Those swaps were released just about 7 days ago and account for around $41m volume, a modest share of Curve total volume that we hope will continue to grow once Paraswap and 1inch add them.

You can try cross-asset swaps on Curve right now and trade any asset sharing a pool with a synth (sBTC/sUSD/sETH/sEUR).

Another big release this week was the pool factory developed with the help of Andre Cronje which lets anyone deploy a Curve 3Pool or sBTC Metapool.

The factory is available at https://crv.finance/ with a growing list of pools including ESD, DSD, Frax, BAC, MIC and others...

We also introduced a first sneak peek at a new retro modern UI which is currently being worked on. This new UI will not replace the existing one and is simply meant to offer an alternative option to Curve users.

Introducing a new alternative Curve look
As many are aware, the team has been working towards developing a new UI which will include an alternate modern design. In this new UI, Curve users will be able to choose between the current retro design and the new one. Below is a first sneak peak at the alternative modern UI in which we tried to …

Finally, Curve reached a new TVL all time high:

In the news...

Cointelegraph try to find logic into crypto markets

3 reasons why the price of Curve DAO Token (CRV) tripled in a week
Crypto friendly regulations, rising user activity and a recent collaboration with Yearn finance back Curve DAO Token’s recent triple-digit rally.

AltCoinBuzz discusses cross-asset swaps

Curve Finance Launches Cross-Asset Swaps for Whales - Product Release & Updates - Altcoin Buzz
Decentralized finance protocol Curve has launched a new type of token swap using the Synthetix protocol as a bridge.

In the ecosystem

Tetranode discusses Curve tokenomics:

TokenBrice made a nice explainer on getting started with Curve and understanding the infinite power of CRV:

Alpha Finance release their v2 audits which may or may not have some interesting Curve leveraged products:

Opium offers a way to hedge against Tether:

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