Ahead of the Curve#004

Ahead of the Curve#004

In governance...

It's been an extremely busy couple of weeks on Curve. pBTC, BBTC and oBTC, three new tokenized Bitcoin are now trading  and will start receiving CRV rewards tonight. UST was also the sixth 3Pool Metapool to join the protocol.

Another addition was the EURs pool which makes the Euro the second currency to make it to Curve finance. This pool will eventually allow bridging between USD and Euro pools.

The biggest release of the week, however, was without a doubt the sETH pool which launched on Sunday. The sETH pool is the first Ethereum pool on Curve and will be eligible to receive CRV rewards along with the AAVE and Idle pools starting next week. Gauge vote is currently under way so please make sure to vote so we can reach the 30% required quorum and kick off CRV liquidity mining on those new pools.

The first AAVE pool recently launched which means you can now deposit DAI, USDC or USDT  (or pre-wrapped aTokens) and receive trading fees, lending fees from AAVE and CRV.

You can find those new pools by visiting Curve https://www.curve.fi/

In the ecosystem

CurveMarketCap have added a lot of different charts options for all Curve pools including the newly launched ones:


One David Rashty wrote a technical article explaining Curve's AMM

The Slippage Ratio: A New Metric to Understand Curve.fi’s AMM Protocol
The Curve Whitepaper concisely highlights an approach to building an AMM that allows developers to control slippage. Curve’s primary use case is swapping stablecoins, where low slippage is essential…

Debank now supports new Curve pools automatically

In the news

BeinCrypto discusses the sETH launch

Curve Finance Launches Ethereum Swapping Liquidity Pool - BeInCrypto
DeFi protocol Curve Finance has launched a new pool for Ethereum and synthetic Ethereum (sETH) swaps and liquidity provision.

Coin Telegraph discusses the second currency to be added to Curve

Curve Finance wants to promote euro stablecoins in DeFi
A new pool lets European and Asian DeFi users avoid U.S. dollar exposure.

AMBCrypto discusses the potential trades that can happen using Curve and Synthetix as a bridge

DeFi protocol Curve Finance launches ETH/sETH pool
DeFi protocol Curve Finance, a decentralized exchange liquidity pool on Ethereum, is in the news today after it announced the introduction of an $ETH/$SETH pool on the platform. The development comes days after the protocol announced the introduction of a Euro stablecoin ($sEUR), following a success…

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