Curve Ecosystem & Community Grant - Guidelines and Round 1

Curve Ecosystem & Community Grant - Guidelines and Round 1

Curve Finance, pending DAO approval, is proposing to start utilising the community fund for ecosystem, DAO and community grants. Those three type of grants have the common goal of encouraging and developing the Curve ecosystem and empowering the community.

Ecosystem Grants

Ecosystem grants aim at encouraging and developing the Curve, Vyper language and more generally the DeFi ecosystem. They are for individuals, teams of all sizes looking to develop tools, projects that could benefit from grants.

The following criteria are considered:

  • How it relates to Curve and the Curve DAO
  • How it may benefit and impact the Curve and the Curve community
  • State of the project (is it some gibberish on a napkin or already in production)
  • The team and how likely they are to deliver
  • Potential (viability, longevity, competition and so on)
  • How the funds will be used and why they are needed

These grants are quite flexible in how they are awarded with demonstrating benefit to the Curve system being most important. Existing and completed projects are also eligible particularly if they can demonstrate benefit to the ecosystem.

A council of team and community members will be formed to assign those grants which may involve milestone based repeat payments depending on the scope of the project.

Projects will have the opportunity to present their project on Curve Discord if they wish.

Grants will range between $1,000 and $150,000.

Users or applications with questions may join this Telegram:

Apply for a grant here:

Contact @charlie_eth on Telegram or

Community Grants

Community grants aims at encouraging and developing the Curve community and Curve itself. Those grants will be received by users, content creators and projects supporting Curve.

Those users may have helped create proposals that shaped Curve and its DAO, helped out users, contributed in a meaningful way to the community, created content, educational or otherwise, about Curve and/or benefited the Curve ecosystem.

Grants range from $100 to $2,000 to be paid in CRV.

A list of recipients will be circulated publicly before they are awarded. If you would like to suggest a recipient, please message @charlie_eth on Telegram/Discord.

Proposal Grants

Proposal grants will reward users who create successful (non parameter) proposals (CIPs). Those users will be rewarded by $500 in 3CRV after the proposal is implemented.

To be eligible:

  • CIP must be implemented
  • CIP must meet standard requirements (governance topic, feasibility, viability)
  • CIP must not be a parameter vote
  • Signal votes are excluded
  • Must not be a Curve team member

DAO Vote

A proposal will seek to secure funding of $150k per month for those grants from the community fund for a four months trial period.


The council to review those grants will be composed of the follow people:

7 Curve team members: @angelangel0v, @michwill, @iamdefinitelyahuman, @kendrickllama, @sssschris, @charlie_eth,  @JulienBouteloup
9 Community members:
@jiecut, @Julien, @ON-DeFi, @WormholeOracle, @ne1k0, @C2tP, Quentin, Alex, Sebastian, Andre Cronje

You can read about each community member here:

The Curve team thanks the Yearn and AAVE teams for their help in developing those guidelines.